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Support computer learners, let them build the future

Support computer learners, let them build the future

Donors any of the backgrounds please help to bring their computer learning and English speaking dreams to life. Choose the project help with any amount that you suit. Make the difference for the one who stands by own-self.

Our simple study found that students during their study in grade 9 and 10 in Nepalese curriculum felt use of computer is essential. Most of the students are making their mind up to study computer in their exam gap. So, they are aware of learning computer even though their guardians do not know about it.

The Project

About 300 students from the weak economic background will use computers for given course of study in this project. They will study with a lot of activities in the course, considering the computer is essential to learn for this century.  Students need to learn the computer in order to get jobs and further study. Learning computers allow the students to make a platform what they are learning with friends in computer lab from their instructors. They are individually encouraged to do by themselves at a large extend. It is a great way for them to grow and learn together for their future.

The computer and English language skills would allow all of them to work and speak independently as well as continue to build their digital work such as internet, online work, games, communicating any sort of text. Please consider helping the students from weak economy backgrounds in Nepalese society by donating towards the computer and English language learning. We take full responsibility to teach skills techniques to be proficient.

Where Your Donation Goes

We have decided to not to buying any sort of teaching stuff rather we have chosen for paying the fee for each student. The course of study will be about 12 weeks. The cost of the study will be as follows:

No of Student                                                 Fee of Each Student               Total Cost

300                                                                  300 *100                                 $30,000.00

No of staff                                                      Salary per Month                    Total

4 (1 coordinator, 2 admin managers

And 1 helper)                                                  $600*4                                    $2,400.00

Total Cost                                                       _                                              $32,000.00

Concluding note

  1. The office staff are to carry out their work daily. The coordinator coordinates the whole students’ performance. Two admin managers look after the student performance and daily attendance – morning shift and day shift. The last but not least staff will help office room to keep up to date.
  2. We do not employ teachers or computer instructors, we only check their teaching and instruction quality how they provide.
  3. If permission is granted by the donors, we continue this project further because there are thousands of college attendees who still have no knowledge of computer use and English language.

We appreciate it if you could support one

Thank you in advance for your support