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What a Student Say About His Plan During the SEE Examination Gap

What a Student Say About His Plan During the SEE Examination Gap

Student B studied at a government school. The interview was taken on the way back to Kathmandu while he was to see his sister during the festive season. The excerpt was translated into English from Nepali.

Interviewer:  Are you a student?

Student B:    Yes,

Interviewer:  Where do you study?

Student B:    In Gorkha.

Interviewer:  What grade are you studying in?

Student B:    I study at the government school in grade 10.

Interviewer:  Oh, you are appearing SEE examination this year. Are you?

Student B:    Yes, I am

Interviewer:  Are you prepared well for the test?

Student B:     Not yet. I have been taking tuition classes for three months when the examination


Interviewer:    What? You didn’t learn at school well.

Student B:      No, teachers was all the time out of school

Interviewer:    Don’t anybody care about your teaching?

Student B:      No, the head teacher doesn’t listen.

Interviewer:    What do you do after appearing your examination?

Student B:       I will come to Kathmandu and learn a Computer and English.

Interviewer:    Why computer and English?

Student B:      Both subjects are important in the future.

Interviewer:    Didn’t you learn these subjects at school?

Student B:      I did not learn computer, and the teacher taught

                      English only two months.

Interviewer:    That is interesting, isn’t it?   

Student B:       Yes… Hmm

Interviewer:    What! Do you want to say something?

Student B:        Shakes head.

Interviewer     Thank you, see you again.

The excerpt from student B was interesting. He looked quite smart physically and thoughts about the future were very practical. I was interested to study any of the medical line – doctor, health assistance, pharmacy and other. He thought the importance of computer and English in his future study will help more.   

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