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Our Work at a Glance Recently

Our Work at a Glance Recently

A little increment could be changed into a huge. Accumulation of little thing might take a huge shape. We strive further in its better shape in the community.

Knowledge and Skills for Old-age

An old woman in her 80s started to learn reading, writing, and arithmetic. She saw her great-grandchild started to read and write. She thought this could be done by herself too. She tried and kept trying to do so and our member of the staff tried for her sake, but she could not do well as what she thought. Similar cases have been done in the area. The learner expressed “reading and writing are quite hard”. Her name was Battikumari, she could weave different pattern of mats and handlooms the skills she learned from her aunt. They wove for their clothing during those days. The fitting of sizes she used to use her fingers. Maths would solve by counting domestic corns in the unit. She gave incentives to learn any kind of knowledge and use them properly. The organisatiion is inspired by her suggestions. Our heartfelt thanks go to her words of inspiration. She is no more with us. We have been keeping our eyes open to get in touch with old is gold thoughts.

Street Light on the Road   

The internal migrant people are living in this area. With government support, the inhabitants received blacktopped road construction with the initiation of local people. Five electricity poles were installed. Only one pole bulb was fixed up, but irregular light. There are quite a many passer-by walks through this road at night for their shortcut. Early in the morning, many students walk to attend their institutions. The street lights on certain pole in some distance were in need. Three more street lights on the poles had already fixed up to illuminate to access the people walking through.




Cleaning the Drain   

     As the heavy rain downpour, the drain pipe sometimes cannot adjust it and overflow, one of the reasons is blocking inside by throwing garbage haphazardly. In such case, the people of the area require immediate helping to clean up even the road is blocked and overflow under their house too. Manual clean up seemed appropriate because the provision of machine work is less effective and not available yet.

Drinking Water

Management of drinking water is a quite tough in the village. People had to wait long to queue to collect water with their inconvenience. However, after completing this project, the people of the surroundings have felt no problem in drinking water and for their cattle even in dry season. The drinking water division of the area has noted that the water is the healthiest one for drinking in the region.






Installation of Drain

People of this area have been facing a big sewage disposal problem. It is very hard to express whose responsibility is to solve untreated sewage problem. The community around here is in confusion whether they are in the better environment or not. Keeping sewage outlets open one should aware of his or her health and environment. Some fund was granted and used up but the fund was not enough to cover all. However, few of the people have got relief from this project. We are trying our best to cover all and send the human waste through proper channel. If anyone with broad-minded to look into it, we forward our hands to donate some fund to take care of ecology.

Keep the Environment Healthy







We encourage the community to clean their area from time to time.

Computer Learning

learning scanning and printing for their IT course.

Students after completing their Grade Ten or Secondary Education Examination or SEE were given computer classes to Ninety Three students for twelve weeks. One of the glimpses of computer class the students are learning scanning and printing. The course starts towards the end of March and completes in July. Participants are proficient in course what they were taught. They, as computer users, can join any of computer colleges and career job.  What we experienced is they cannot afford fee and make a 50% discount even though they cannot. In this regard, only government school attendees will get this service in this project and priority will be given those who come from the village. Please read in detail project in hand with different topic.

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