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Nepali Traditional Food Dhindo

Nepali Traditional Food Dhindo

These are popular traditional food that is eaten in Nepal. The classical food Dhaal, Bhaat and Tarkari are common in the Nepali way of saying. Uncooked Bhaat is rice, Daal is raw pulses or commonly known lentils, Tarkari is any type vegetable after cooked. The combination of three items is a set food in our classical way of saying. These three items are cooked in every Nepali family every day at lunch and dinner. In addition, if the cook wants to make more items in a set, he or she adds a variety of anchar or pickle and the meat. The Nepalis do not change their mind to eat other alternative food rather than Daal, Bhaat and Tarkari; because they are used to eat it.

Daal, Bhaat and Tarkari are considered as standard and main meal amongst the Nepalis. However, Nepalis people have diverted their mind to eat Dhindo or Roti instead of rice these days. Rice is heavily carbohydrate laden in its natural composition. People with the diabetic and the blood pressure high patients do not consume rice in their main meal. Unlike in western and far eastern countries, there is no choice of food in Nepal.

Dhindo is the only alternative to consume for the victims of the diseases. Dhindo is cooked in its special Nepalis way cooked in boiling water and mixing the flour, stirring the mix with a flatten wood or metal called Dabilo stick until it comes a sort of dough, properly cooked. The best Dhindo that is cooked and ready to eat does not stick in your fingers. The flour is prepared from buckwheat, wheat, millet and corn. These grains make better for the patients because they have less carbohydrate and more starch. Once Dhindo was considered as second class food or consumed by lower income people, because these types of cereal props are produced in most of the places in Nepal. On the other hand, rice is not that easy to produce as are other crops.

The high class Nepalis or health conscious people do not eat more policed rice as they look better in appearance. They prefer to eat Dhindo instead. Due to the migration rate for the urban area from rural area the production of cereal crops are deceased. These grains have more nutritious power than the other grain.

Dhindo is more popular in mountain region of Nepal than in Tarrai region. People of Tarai prefer to eat Roti or Chapati from wheat flour. They do not use millet that much or not at all. Millet is less produced in Tarai. In fact, one could make Dhindo from any grain as long as it is ground into flour as the recipe is simple.Most of the popular city restaurants make Dhindo these days.

Sel Roti is very popular amongst the Nepalis community. Most people prefer Sel Roti in Nepal. The structure of Sel Roti looks like doughnut, but they are made from different recipes.  Sel Roti is made from rice flour and they mix other flour of their choice, but prime flour is rice. Sel Roti is cooked into bubbling oil and deep-fried. It is popularly known as festive bread for many different occasions.

Momo, a popular food for Nepalis though it is originates in Tibet. Momo is made of dough for wrapper then put the ingredients of your choice veg-momo or non veg-momo. The ingredients must be well minced. Momo is fully steamed food. This food has got popularity if the western communities.

The Aalu cuisines can be made in a variety of taste. Most popular are Aalu Achar and Aaludum. Nepal both above mentioned victims are not supposed to eat Aalu cuisines.

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