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Lifelong Learning Skills for Nepalese Teens

Lifelong Learning Skills for Nepalese Teens

The purpose of education is to teach lifelong learning skills that will help the young people navigate careers and relationships in their academic post-school lives. Apart from teaching core subjects (among others), there are many important skills that are valuable to becoming successful in their lifetime.


Skills learning is a variety beyond one which one is more important and essential for the career need to be chosen. It can come in handy for future endeavours in life beyond school. Students after the exam will find the system that teaches some of these skills while others can potentially fall into the category of personal responsibility. Since this is by no means a definitive list, what skill(s) would it be added to it?

Computer Skills are not only educating people with basic computer skills, but also it means sending them into the world of technology what they are unprepared. Today, basically people need computers to communicate, find important information, and perform the most basic of tasks in their daily life.

As far as programming science goes, that’s also a big consideration. Technology is the biggest trend of this century and lacking such computer skills can deprive students of many incredible employment opportunities in a swiftly growing industry.

Skills development is not only educating them, but also this a lifelong learning to success their career. Learn new course during the school break. In western countries they have a new course to upgrade in different skills because the computer is learned from their childhood at home as well at school. The Nepalese students are still quite behind in English and Computer language, the country has not been able to develop their own language to communicate with the world. To keep in touch and to  challenge the world, without these languages, people become dull and they are leveled as unskilled. There are many young who have completed their high school level; they cannot speak English nor do they use computers. In Nepal too, to get a job is far behind than thinking without  skills in computer and English. Interviews are conducted in English. Learning English and Computer is something for earning in life. Both skills are important for the young Nepalese to start their career nationally and internationally. We, actually, do not want the youth to keep idle by themselves, but we want them to wake up and start their career for study and set a job.   When they know more about English and computer they explore many things to know about themselves. We regard these two skills push the young people forward in the present day context.

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