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Learning Computer Skills

Learning Computer Skills

Learning Computer Skills

You have heard about computer, and you have seen it . You have read about the computer at school, but you have not learnt properly. You want to learn basic computer skills because you have not learnt it yet. Or some of you know little and you want to update your skills and want to know more advance.

You can now learn computer and earn a Certificate of Completion for your further study in computer knowledge and  job skills. We arrange you to learn computer skills for life and establish your career.

How you can start your lesson

By learning computer lessons you understand how computers work and how to use them. From lesson, you will learn how to set up a computer, the difference  between hardware and software, and the types of computers you can use. The lessons will also explore operating system, applications, the cloud, and a whole lot more. This is all about the fundamental understanding in a computer.

What is a computer?

A computer is an electronic device that manipulates information, or data. It has the ability to store, retrieve, and process data. You might have already known that  typing documents, send email, play games, and browse the Web. You can also use it to edit or create spreadsheets, presentations, and even videos.

Types of computer

You might have heard of the word computer, they are a personal computer, such as a desktop or laptop. There are other shapes and sizes of computers such as tablets, smartphones, wearables, game consoles and TVS. They perform many different functions in our daily lives. When you withdraw cash from an ATM, scan groceries at the store, or use a calculator, you’re using a type of computer.

About hardware and software

Computers are made of its physical structure and internal structure which we are commonly known as hardware and software.

Hardware is any part of your computer that is how it is made of and its shape such as the keyboard and mouse. It also includes all of the computer’s internal parts, which you can see with our bare eyes.

The software is an internal set of instructions that tells the hardware what to do and how to do it. Examples of software include word processor, web browsers, games, and any sort of programmes. This is the brain of the computer. Everything you do on your computer depends on both hardware and software.

The better you know computer the better you are. The use of computer is huge. The computer becomes the daily life for educators and job holders. To begin it not to be panic, it really will all make sense in the end. You’ll get there. This information is basic to know and learn about computer apart from this there are lots of thing you should know and do for your further career.



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