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Help Basic Language Learners Ganesh and Jhalak

Help Basic Language Learners Ganesh and Jhalak


Ganesh Lama 18 years old and Jhalak Shrestha 16 years old live temporarily in Basundhara, Kathmandu. They work in a restaurant just for their daily life to pass. On the way to my office in the staircase I heard they were talking each other they could not read the sign board written on the hoarding board. I just invited them in my room and asked whether they were really not able to read that were written in Nepali. I made myself sure that they were not able to read and write simple Nepali.  I questioned them why they were not able to read Nepali. Their answer was they were not taught properly at school.

Jhalak’s dad died when he was young and he went to school for few years but did not learn properly resulting cannot read even Nepali. His school was far away. Ganesh has from backward ethnic group family lived in the village in Sindhupalchok District. He attended the school in the hilly area where he had to walk only half an hour and studied up to Grade six. He can read simple Nepali only and English letters and some words, but feels difficult to read sentences. Both can write their names in Nepali and English. With a question, they replied they were interested to study Nepali and English. Their restaurant boss was in their favour to make them available to learn basic Nepali and English reading and writing.

The NHRC has taken initiative to teach them Nepali and English languages and a volunteer teacher has been provided for a limited period of time. Teaching and learning materials and room to teach and learn have been provided by Ilyfe Institute. During the teaching and learning period the two boys experienced comfortable to learn languages because they felt education is a must for their life. It might not be an easy task to educate them in a few days or weeks. It might take at least a few months or probably a year to make them properly learn both languages. More two students kept their interest to learn English and joined them

To run the project going on, the availability fund from the donor is necessary and to keep more students of the kind to increase. The project to learn languages might attract younger people who dropped out of schools; and want to join this type of program to make their future bright. They have rights to obtain an education despite the government of Nepal has a policy of education for all, these types of children left behind. The government has not been seeking their reasons to sort them out and solve. The NHRC is expecting¬† from everyone to join their hands to help together and make literacy rate grow further in the world’s literacy data.

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