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Fruits with no name

Fruits with no name

This is tree of self grown at the back yard of the house in Deurali, Bange. The fruits look very healthy and the tree itself. The family members of the house do not know the exact name of the tree. Fruits look like lemonades but the tree does not. The fruits are used by children but the people around do not. Taste of fruit is a typical sour with less juice.  The tree has got neither  fertilizer nor irrigation, however it has been receiving a good nutrition to bear lots of fruits. The fact is it is healthy rather than the other bearing fruit trees which get care. Due to lack of contact or counselling to the horticulture centre or agriculture department concerned the bearing fruit tree has not been receiving the exact name. Maybe it should be contacted them and let them know for further research, Don’t know it has got any medicinal value or there is something wrong with it.

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