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Message from Chairperson

Chandraman Gurung

Quite a few changes have occurred over the previous management at NHRC. The chairman holding the office is typically elected or appointed by the members of the group. With the support from local helpers, quite a lot has changed in our community. This is what we regard as a worthy achievement. Socio-economic condition of the community cannot be changed drastically as there is not a huge amount of fund. The changes, however, play a crucial role in the community.

What makes us different?

Our approach to work makes us different.

We believe in action rather than words. In donors’ interest, we deliver assistance to upgrade the life of people. Our continuous effort with different donors in different projects was satisfactory to consumers, mediator, and donors.

We work with both national and international organizations; involving single or multi organizations to strengthen the economic and social progress. We conduct seminars and training sessions for the participants nationally and internationally in relevant fields.

Our experiences have shown that we are the most prominent organisation to work on the task that is given. We have a commitment to do our best. We continually seek to improve our work and increase our impact in the relevant field with an available source.

We are honest, transparent and trustworthy to make a positive impact in our mission; we maintain our moral values. We keep relationships of trust with our partners and we expect the same in return. We respect that professional development to satisfy and be successful in our commitment.

We were not able to manage to generate employment skills activities in our previous plan. However, we were able to help the community fill in the blanks with what we received from our donors. Our plan provided a set up for the process of skilled generation and their lifelong learning scheme from this session. We certainly hope this plan will benefit the youth of Nepal to make their future better. We anticipate that the youth will receive worthy skills and be self-reliable.

Our organisation solely works for no profit and the members are engaged voluntarily. The term of remuneration will be used only unless or otherwise. Budget to run our organisation depends on fundraising from different sources, mainly donations and other charitable sources.

As tools and instruments keep our project more lively and active, we have borrowed D. Barber’s concept of “super skills” the four Cs: communication, creativity, collaboration and critical thinking. The four Cs bridges us between donors and beneficiaries.

In addition, we have targeted to meet other schemes in the rural such as Agriculture, Education, Clean Drinking Water, Human Rights, Medical-care, and sanitation. We have been researching on different topics for the community. Member of staff, executive staff and volunteers have been actively involved in supporting the NHRC cause.  We commit that with little or no administrative cost and virtually 100% of your donation reaches the targeted people. If we all join together, these important goals will soon be a reality. Thank you in advance for making a difference in the life, help us from people to help people.


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