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21 Mar

21 March 2018hrm

Help Basic Language Learners Ganesh and Jhalak

  Ganesh Lama 18 years old and Jhalak Shrestha 16 years old live temporarily in Basundhara, Kathmandu. They work in a restaurant just for their daily life to pass. On the way to my office in the staircase I heard they were talking each other they could not read the…

15 Feb

15 February 2018hrm

Your Personality

11 Feb

11 February 2018hrm

Nepali Traditional Food Dhindo

These are popular traditional food that is eaten in Nepal. The classical food Dhaal, Bhaat and Tarkari are common in the Nepali way of saying. Uncooked Bhaat is rice, Daal is raw pulses or commonly known lentils, Tarkari is any type vegetable after cooked. The combination of three items is…

27 Jan

27 January 2018hrm

Support computer learners, let them build the future

Donors any of the backgrounds please help to bring their computer learning and English speaking dreams to life. Choose the project help with any amount that you suit. Make the difference for the one who stands by own-self. Our simple study found that students during their study in grade 9 and…

4 Jan

4 January 2018hrm

Lifelong Learning Skills for Nepalese Teens

The purpose of education is to teach lifelong learning skills that will help the young people navigate careers and relationships in their academic post-school lives. Apart from teaching core subjects (among others), there are many important skills that are valuable to becoming successful in their lifetime.   Skills learning is a…

20 Dec

20 December 2017hrm

What a Student Say About His Plan During the SEE Examination Gap

Student B studied at a government school. The interview was taken on the way back to Kathmandu while he was to see his sister during the festive season. The excerpt was translated into English from Nepali. Interviewer:  Are you a student? Student B:    Yes, Interviewer:  Where do you study? Student…

21 Jun

21 June 2017hrm

Combining business with service for a noble cause

After devoting a year to research and market study on the feasibility of a care home for senior citizens, Yamuna Katuwal has not merely established Orchid Care Home (OCH) in Bansbari on April 14, but is also confident about its future prospects. Katuwal began her career as an administrative staff…

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